New Director Needed

We are looking for someone to take over as Director of The Colonnades Singers. We currently have a resident leading this chorus but as of December she is giving it up. She is 90 + so I totally understand. We have advertised within but have had no luck at all. It would be a shame to have this group go by the wayside as they really enjoy getting together to sing and they enjoy the fellowship as well. They have been on summer hiatus but the group will start up again on Wednesday, October 14th and begin to rehearse for their Holiday Recital in December. They are only going to meet once a week at 1:30 pm for one hour on Wednesdays. They were meeting on Monday and Wednesday but decided to cut back to one day a week. I would be willing to pay $25.00 for the hour if someone was interested in working with this senior group. Please contact Fran Perrotta at the Colonnades: