CMTA is comprised of musicians from many and varied educational backgrounds and teaching styles.  It is a congenial and supportive group that welcomes all who are eager to grow musically and expand their horizons as music teachers.


How We Help You

  • Workshops on techniques and repertoire
  • Performance and competition opportunities
  • Opportunities for exchanging ideas and mentoring
  • Service which links students with teachers

Will I Fit In?

Our Membership includes:

  • Non-degreed educators
  • Certified music educators
  • Professionals with Advanced degrees

Music taught includes:

  • Instrumental
  • Vocal
  • Jazz/Classical/Folk
  • Theory/Composition/Improvisation 



Noriko DonahueMembership Chair

More Information:

The Charlottesville Music Teachers Association is affiliated with the Music Teachers National Association and the Virginia Music Teachers Association. Membership in a local chapter is part of being a member of MTNA. You may join MTNA directly by going to their Membership Webpage.