CMTA Offices and Committees


In some companies, the President is a figurehead, someone who conducts meetings and is the face of the organization but has no real duties. In some companies, the President is the CEO, the Chief Executive Officer, tasked with running the day-to-day operations. The President of CMTA resides somewhere between these extremes.

As President of a local chapter, you attend the state conference in the fall and meet with the other local presidents and share ideas and concerns. In the spring, you attend the state meeting and report on CMTA’s activities – and perhaps brag a little.

During the year, you preside over both general and Board meetings, keep track of the calendar and check with the committee chairs, and generally make sure that any concerns that need to be discussed are presented. The Board is active and very few decisions have to be made by the President alone.

The CMTA President needs to be someone who is well organized, who can attend most meetings, and who enjoys being in front of the group. The President should also be able to answer the e-mail directed to cvillemta.

Although the duties and responsibilities vary from year-to-year, there is always someone there to answer your questions and lend a hand. It is a wonderful way to get to know the members and the activities of the organization.

month-by-month list of duties is available if you would like further information.



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