The CMTA Festival provides students of all ages and ability levels the satisfaction of sharing their music with an audience, as well as hearing music performed by their peers. Students perform in recital format before a small audience of family, friends and other scheduled performers. Each student receives ratings and feedback from 2 qualified judges as well as a certificate of participation. A special Comment Only category allows adult students to perform privately for judges' comments only. All students earn a medal for every 3 years of participation (the years do not have to be consecutive). This event is open to piano, organ, string, wind, harp and voice students.


Chair:                                  Elena Bright (, 540-688-7800)

Date:                                   February 16, 2019

Place:                                  First Presbyterian Church, 500 Park Street

Online Deadline:                January 18, 2019

Eligibility:                            Any student of CMTA members, all instruments including voice.  Contact chair for non-member policy.

Fees (non-refundable):     $22 (solo),  $24 (for each duet or trio), larger ensembles consult with the chair.

Teacher requirements:      Member teachers entering 5 or more students are required to donate 2 hours of volunteer time towards the festival (greatest need is judging and monitoring). Members with fewer than 5 students must donate 1 hour.

Performance Format:        Group recitals, each recital one hour in length.  Complete Performance Procedure instructions online.

Repertoire Divisions & Requirements

  • ELEMENTARY: students play 2 pieces (at least 16 measures) of contrasting styles and different composers. Performing an 8 measure piece with repeats is acceptable at this level. Time limit: 5 min

  • INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED: students play 2 pieces of contrasting style from 2 historical periods (simplified arrangements not allowed); 1 movement equals 1 piece; unnecessary repeats should be skipped. Intermediate time limit: 8 min, Advanced time limit: 15 min

  • ADULT (POST HIGH SCHOOL) COMMENT ONLY: students perform privately for comments only. If desired, participants may play for an audience. Rating is optional. Elementary students play 2 pieces of contrasting style; Intermediate and advanced students play 2 pieces of contrasting styles from 2 historical periods. Time Limit: 15 min

  • DUET/ENSEMBLE: students play 1 or 2 pieces. If performing 2 selections at the intermediate level or higher, they should be of contrasting style and from different historical periods. Time limits same as in the solo category.

  • INSTRUMENTAL music composed with accompaniment must be performed with that accompaniment. String and wind students may be accompanied by a piano, but not by their teacher on an instrument similar to the student’s instrument.

Memorization:  Encouraged but not required.

Scores:   Students should bring 1 original copy (either published or legally downloaded) of each score for the judges’ use.  Photocopies for the judges are acceptable if the student is playing from the original score. Photocopies will be disposed of after the performance. Illegal copies are not allowed.  Beginning this year (2019), students who do not have an original score at the Festival will not receive a rating, comments or medal.  

Registration:  See website for complete instructions and guidelines, and contact the Festival Chair with any questions. To download application forms, go to the Member’s Area of the website, scroll down to Activity Information, click on Festival Registration Form to view/download the form.  Fill out only one form per students or ensemble. After registrations are processed, teachers will receive information regarding their class schedule, teacher instructions, volunteer time assignment, and rating sheets. 

This year you may register your students through the online registration or if you have a large studio, you may register your students through an Excel file.  If you would like the excel file template, please contact Elena Bright.

Festival Performance Room Procedures

Festival Performance Instructions

Church Map 1 and Church Map 2

Festival Repertoire - Elementary and Intermediate

Festival Repertoire - Advanced

Please click HERE for a link to Festival Payment.  You may pay for one or more students through this new feature. Prompt payment is required in order for your class to be scheduled

To register your students online, please click HERE. Prompt payment is required in order for your class to be scheduled. Illegal copies are not allowed.  Beginning this year, students who do not have an original score at the Festival will not receive a rating, comments or medal.