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Audition: 4/18, 1-4 pm

Festival: 5/2, 2-5 pm

Location: Rotunda Room, Westminster Canterbury, 250 Pantops Mt. Rd.

Let your students experience the fun of performing with a second piano! To participate, piano students choose to play either: 1) a movement from a piano concerto, with the “orchestra” part played on a second piano or 2) a piano duo (NOT a four-hand piano duet) with the second piano part played on a second piano. Students procure their own accompanists. Memorization is optional. Because concerto/duo playing requires another layer of preparation beyond solo playing, we want to help students prepare for their performance so they feel more confident and ready to enjoy the experience. The Festival itself will not be judged but will operate like a traditional recital. However, students at the intermediate and advanced levels must audition two weeks before the Festival, and those deemed recital-ready will be invited to participate in the Festival. Students will receive written feedback from their audition. Elementary level students wishing to audition for practice purposes may ask to do so and will be included in the audition schedule if time allows.

Lists of appropriate level concerto repertory as well as piano duo suggestions can be found at the Piano Concerto Festival members only page on the CMTA website.