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Chair: Jeanne Jackson
Date: February 17, 2018
Place: First Presbyterian Church, 500 Park Street
Online Deadline: January 19, 2018
Eligibility: Any student of CMTA members, all instruments including voice. Contact chair for non-member policy.
Fees (non-refundable): $22 (solo), $24 (for each duet or trio), larger ensembles consult with the chair.

The CMTA Festival provides students of all ages and ability levels the satisfaction of sharing their music with an audience, as well as hearing music performed by their peers. Students perform in recital format before a small audience of family, friends and other scheduled performers. Each student receives ratings and feedback from 2 qualified judges as well as a certificate of participation. A special Comment Only category allows adult students to perform privately for judges' comments only. All students earn a medal for every 3 years of participation (the years do not have to be consecutive). This event is open to piano, organ, string, wind, harp and voice students.

Performance Format: Group recitals, each recital one hour in length. Complete Performance Procedure instructions online.