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Terra Vocce


Flute and Cello

Contact: Elizabeth Brightbill 

email  • phone


Noriko Donahue


3 Notched Road


Contact: • (434) 244-0533

The children's choir of central virginia - Children's Voices from Grades 1 - 8 (soon to be expanded to grades 9 - 12) 


Contact: Brian Dean Sousa

ChildrensChoirCentralVA@Gmail.Com  • 434 260 1180


OUR MISSION: At the Children's Choir Central Virginia, we seek through care, practice, and discipline to nurture the music talent of all our choristers, that together we may perform well-crafted choral music repertoire, in varying styles and languages, with dedication and excellence, and thereby enhance the lives of both our choristers and our audiences with beautiful music.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: It is through the dedication of each member that we are able to work towards excellence, and through that excellence we are able to bring to life beauty in the form of well crafted choral music of varying styles and languages. The fruits of this process are a sense of community among choristers, the joy of achieving set goals, self-discipline, mutual respect, self-esteem, teamwork, better posture and enunciation, historical perspective, development of a sense of culture and sophistication, and the critical lesson that there are no short cuts to excellence. Regardless of experience, each chorister will be encouraged to be dedicated and do his or her best. Parents and participants will repeatedly and clearly see the applicability to many other areas of their lives—including academics—of the many practical life skills that the choristers learn.